The Centre for Artistic Activities [Ośrodek Działań Artystycznych] “Firlej”, located in Wrocław, announces the start of the III edition of the Neuro Music Contest, taking place as a part of Asymmetry Festival 2011.
Just like in the case of the previous edition, the aim of the contest is to reveal the best artist/band, who, surpass the stylistic borders and built their own artistic consciousness with their creations. Tides from Nebula were the winner of the first edition of the Neuro Music Contest, and Moja Adrenalina – of the second one. The award for this year’s winner is a performance during Asymmetry Festival 2011 and a honorarium, for the performance, of 1500PLN for the two prize-winners (or, in case of a single artist/band, 3000PLN). The jury will, once again, consist of renowned journalists and musicians. The deadline for sending in the applications is January 17th, 2011.

The contest is a vital element of the Asymmetry Festival, which will take place 29.04-03.05.2011.
Application which is in accordance with the rules, please send, with a title: "NEURO MUSIC CONTEST [NAME OF YOUR BAND]".