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Thread: a Grace Cathedral (San Francisco) question...

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    a Grace Cathedral (San Francisco) question...

    When I was stationed in the Bay Area in the 80's, there were many times when I attended services and recitals at Grace. I remember, more than once, hearing the 8' Trompette and 4' Clairon in the Casavant Bombarde division. At the time, I thought it had a good, strong presence. The Cornett V was quite telling, too.

    It was sometime within the past few years when this division was advertized for sale on Organ Clearing House. Did the Cathedral go ahead and go through with the sale?

    Anybody know where it ended up?
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    According to Martin Doering's site, the entire Bombarde Division, installed by Casavant in 1973-4, was silenced in March of 2001.

    No word, even on the church website, about its current disposition.
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