Hi to all.

To support my hybrid jOrgan/UVIworkstation "Bohemian 1" home custom organ effort, released on Christmas Eve, I played BWV 639 in a pessimist way rather than a liturgy manner.
Convolution reverb (Cathedral Organ) included in UVI and used accordingly. Maybe a bit more than it should.... he he.... but I like long reverb settings on slow Chorales!

Simple registration :
Ruckpositiv : Copula major + Copula minor
Hauptwerk : Flauta Dulcis 8'
Pedal : Subass 16' + Octavbass 8'

I uploaded my original master .wav file for extra sound quality in my Skydrive here :


On the same skydrive you can find my "Bohemian 1" hybrid for free download, if you like.

Enjoy !