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Thread: Pandacetamol, ethereal electronica

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    Pandacetamol, ethereal electronica

    Hello my synth loving friends,
    May I be so bold as to tell you about the newest Panadacetamol releases? (shameless self-promotion alert!)

    Pandacetamol - Headless EP (big beat acidic funkiness)

    Pandacetamol - Geometric (analogue-soaked bliss)


    "Pandacetamol? Its like Fatboy Slim on a trip as Aphex Twin"
    Rick Fulton, Daily Record

    All recorded using: Korg EMX1 & ESX1, Korg DW8000, Dave Smith Evolver, Siel Opera 6, and my beloved Yamaha DX200.

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    I just moved from Edinburgh or I would have put on a gig with you guys and Sacre Noir! I'm Hannah from The Batonist, I only had a few gigs while I was over there but I do goth/electronica and it would have been cool to do a gig together. Loving the music!

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