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Thread: Best Computer system for Pro Tools?

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    Question Best Computer system for Pro Tools?

    I am looking to buy a laptop for portability and school use, and I want to eventually run Pro Tools 9 LE, or whatever the latest version it is when I actually buy it, and secondarily, Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 on it.
    To those who own a laptop and operate either/both programs on their machine - what is your advice on what I need in a computer (processing, RAM, storage, graphics) to run these programs? I am looking to buy a WINDOWS PC, not a MAC.

    Thanks for any input;


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    Hey, just registered to this site and saw you message...
    Well, aparently AVID's Pro Tools 9 LE is a bit of a "hog" when it comes to resources (system requirements).
    After a little quick's some sites to check out:
    For 9 LE;
    If you're looking at the HD version...
    As an IT/Computer pro, I've found over the last 25 years that "minimum requirements" means, It'll run, but only if that's all you're doing, you're equipment is in excellant condition and running at optimal efficiency. For example, if they require 2gb of ram, then 4 would be better. It troubles me a bit that the straight 9 LE does not have a "processor" recommendation. However, the HD version suggest i5 or Xeon technology which is "latest & greatest" or "server" caliber, which I can only expect to be a more "professional" application.
    Hope this helps, let me know if you need more specifics...could probably identify a few specific models.

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