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Thread: Is Pendragon dead?

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    Is Pendragon dead?

    I have been an admire of Pendragon for many, many years now. And honestly, never thought the day would come when I'd have a lot of sceptical or critical remarks to make concerning the new studio release from Nick Barrett & Co. Unfortunately, 'Passion' is not an album that deserves the title of Pendragon. Classic group has fully lost the classic sound! MAGIC IS DISAPPEARED.

    Pendragon is (or WAS?) ONE OF THE BIG NAMES IN THE PROGRESSIVE GENRE. There's been a lot of debate on band's musical direction the last few years... Sorry to say that however (in my view) Pendragon did miss all splendour and emotional power...
    The brand new CD 'Passion' is a horrible effort. It does not offer any serious amount of pleasure to me. It does not have added value for me, and I can therefore not consider this 'real punishment' as a 'must-have' for old Pendragon's fan.
    'Passion' has too many flaws when compared to the previous back-catalogue featuring releases like 'Jewel', 'The World', 'The Window Of Life', 'The Masquerade Overture', 'Fallen Dreams and Angels/As Good As Gold', 'Not Of This World'. Pendragon could surprise me by 'Believe' and 'Pure' (several wonderful tracks mingled with doubtful material). One way or another, I have each and every of their studio albums..
    And now Pendragon seems to have reached an all-time-low! Most of new melodies sound aggressive, ideas are awful. Absolutely uninspired and managed to deaden the music to point where it became simply impossible to listen to...

    In sum. 'Passion' has not enough quality to stand proudly next to any of earlier Pendragon CD's.

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    Hi Prog Head... I'm just listening to the title track now. Haven't heard any 'new' Pendragon since the release of Masquerade Overture. Sounds like they've tried to beef things up a bit - sort of headed in a sort of It Bites / Dream Theater hybrid direction. Can't say I dislike it... but I can see what you're saying when comparing it to the older 'melodic' classics. I'll have to check the rest of the album out!

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