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"The Playground at the Edge of the Abyss” is the second album from Denmark’s “HEAVY prog” band TIИKICKER, as their highly acclaimed debut it is a concept album. This time though the storyline is strictly non-fiction.
The concept consists of a series of portraits, as each track either describes a character or their environment, along with the parallel story of dealing with the past, while trying to get out sane and alive.
 On the new album TIИKICKER has taken their music to a new level with more powerful and heavier tracks, while keeping the melodic and progressive elements intact.
-Prepare to open a Pandora’s box of memories and a closet full of skeletons
label : Mals
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Snippets of what the press said about the debut album : "The Soliloquy Of The Transparent Boy".
CLASSIC ROCK magazine : Mr. Geoff Barton: Tinkicker deliver their tale with the panache of Rush Playing power metal after a massive vodka binge.
STRUTTER’ZINE: It’s a very extraordinary album, maybe in 10 years from now, this album will be considered a cult classic
Prognose : If you like good old rock opera’s (Tommy) revealing echoes of bands like Rush and Triumph, then this concept album might be something for you.