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Thread: Surround production

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    Surround production

    Hi, I am a musician since many years and have played on 5 albums with my former band Thirsty Moon. Recently I became a great fan of surround music and just finished my own 5.1 production. The online-prelistenings ca be only in Stereo, but maybe you like the music. This is my website with mp3s included:
    greetings to everybody

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    Re: Surround production

    Thanks, Neil. I tried to get to some audio clips at your web site, but, as usual, I ran into problems with flash plugins. There are easier ways to publish your music, e.g., simple links to .mp3 or .mpg files on your web server. That way, the listener can play or view them in whatever application they happen to have, regardless of Windows, Mac, Linux or who knows what. About the only thing I could listen to was the surround sounds on your entry page. Are the rest of your pieces in that vein? I'd like to hear more. - CW

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