Hey, do you like really good music? Well, I have got a treat for you. Just pay attention to PLUTO AND THE PLANETS from Norway. Under a strange name, this prog act could sprint through rooms in the castle setting them ablaze. Undoubtedly, ‘360 Degrees of Wonder’ is a pure and artistic release. There are many beautiful elements on this CD. Sandra M.G. provides lead vox and is joined by Henri J.Greengrass. Such combination works very well and often reminds of Bryan Josh & Heather Findlay tandem for Mostly Autumn. The singing style is well suited to Pluto and the Planets repertoire (with affluence of folk textures and guitar playing in vein of Pink Floyd). All songs have a great flow and never overtax the listener. This CD flows perfectly from ‘Take Me Home’ until track fourteen which is ‘Take Me Home, part 2’. Everything is done for a worthy reason - because these musicians know when and how to end something.


I eagerly look forward to their next album. If it builds on the foundations laid here, could well be a great work of art..