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Thread: Eumeria (prog-metal)

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    Eumeria (prog-metal)

    EUMERIA have just released their debut album ‘Rebel Mind’. That’s a prog-metal masterpiece, putting the different moods and atmospheres together into a roller coaster of emotions, which never gets boring. Stylistically, Eumeria have amount of Symphony X oriented characteristics together with the vibes of early Queensryche and Dream Theater. Right from the opening chords of ‘Legion’, these guys lead us to believe that they’re going for something special. As the album progresses, the faster approach tapers off slightly to make room for calm interludes - to enhance the atmosphere. Gripping choruses sticks to memory. Excellent stuff!

    The band’s leader, keyboardist Bobby Williamson takes on fancy to complement all songs rather than trying to rule process. He’s accompanied by superb guitarist Reece Fullwood, who does not shy away from putting crunchy riffs. The drummer Kevin Bartlett along with bass player Shawn Kascak keep the material thundering. Lead vocalist Jonny Tatum has commonalities with James LaBrie and Geoff Tate but can also emulate heavier tone of Jeff Martin (Badlands, Racer X). Incredible range…

    You might find the references above to other bands somewhat redundant, however they’re here for a reason. If you appreciate such type of prog-music, then Eumeria’s CD ‘Rebel Mind’ is a release to behold!

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    Eumeria's album 'Rebel Mind' took the second place on PerfectProg Poll 2011. Well deserve it because of its progressive, virtuality and powerfull of the music.

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