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Thread: Shabak Samech

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    Shabak Samech

    Shabak Samech is a group from the small town Yavne, Israel.

    Shabak Samech - Empire 1995:

    Shabak Samech - Bananas 1995:

    Shabak Samech - Don't Tell Me, live 1998 "Chevrolet" Club:

    Shabak Samech - Will Be a Blast 1997:

    They recorded their 3rd album - "Cna'an 2000" in Jamaica:

    Shabak Samech - Just Tell Me 2000:

    shortly after the 3rd album was released the group disbands. reunite in 2007, and relesed a new album a year after:

    Shabak Samech - Fly Like a Bird 2008:

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