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Thread: sountrack Wanted!!!!

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    sountrack Wanted!!!!

    Hello everyone, I have tried all means I know (Shazam and all other kinds of softwareì) to find out the title of the soundtrack of this video:
    I am looking for the title of the music between 1:30 and 1:50... so much familiar but I cannot remember which movie it is from...
    pleeeese halp! Fabio

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    Hello Fabio and welcome to the forum. It does not sound familir. It may just be piece of stock music or a few bars specially written for the film


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    Herr Duckmeister is correct

    Music for events like this is composed just for that purpose ... a soundtrack is seldom, if ever, made from it as they are a one shot deal. A writer is given the idea (of flight in this instance) and creates a short piece for that section.

    The other reason is that in order to use any known classical piece, the company producing the film would have to pay royalties to the composer, the orchestra's musicians, and probably the publisher, in order to use what would be then called copyrighted material. That would be an exorbitant cost to add to the production costs, that is, if, and only if, one could actually get the permission of the composer, orchestra musicians and the publisher to agree on terms.

    My view, anyway ... and only imho.
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