I am not sure if this is really a state of art to release four short mini albums at a span of around 20 days, but the guy has surely got straight to the point. 'Words Of', the third one of the series is the most rough sounding I guess, that`s due to the point that its made entirely out of rough mixes. No wonder it ain`t for download at Amazon. It would seem unlikely for any of these stores to pass such an experiment. Well, I also heard 'Of The Mighty' that is meant to be a compilation of track versions close to those that ought to appear on the full length 'SOTT' in a matter of time. Yeah, well it sounds kinda nice to me, although 'La Tonnerre Vient' seems a bit too heavy if you ask me, on the bass and drum line, being placed simulatenously on point zero. Well, there is 'In Support' that got released as the first of the three and I can tell you that although the recording sessions are spoken of to have took only two days and the six tracks don`t even have a bass line or a single snare, I like the guitar diminshed tuning IAT2. Owesome heavy track. A very moody album indeed. Well, that`s my point, would do you guys think ? Got it yet ?