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Thread: Grandorgue / Ubuntu

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    Grandorgue / Ubuntu

    Hi all,

    I've been working on a project for some years now converting an old analogue organ to sampled. Having got a long way with Myorgan, I've now found GrandOrgue and want to run under Ubuntu. I've got it running and so far so good.

    Because it's going to be effectively a "turnkey" design it seems pointless having the GUI running. Has anyone got GrandOrgue running in a non-graphic environment, and if so... how? (Be gentle with me, I'm fairly new to Linux)

    Anyone interested in the organ project can see it on my flickr page here:


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    Hi Virtualpkh,

    I was very interested to see the details of your project on Flikr as it could be a great help to anyone tackling a similar upgrade of an older console to a sampled system.

    Seeing your original console took me back to the 70's when I build a similar oscillator/divider chain/filter console (2 manuals plus 30-note radiating-concave pedalboard and 36 stops) from scratch. Despite having spent about 18 months of spare time on building everything except the manuals from scratch, I eventually tired of it and literally gave it away. (An example of the journey being more exciting than the destination). Even with a good range of stops to choose from the overall blend of sounds was relatively poor and characteristic of a design that generated phase-locked-octaves. Your photos of the cabling also reminded me of a soldering marathon associated with connecting each manual to the electronics via bundles of 306 wires for each manual!

    More recently, when MyOrgan and Grandorgue came on the scene, I regretted giving that console away as it would have been a great upgrade candidate to "midify" and "samplify". But I have since built a new pedalboard and practice console having 2 stacked analogue synths as manuals and a touch screen for stop selection. Eventually I plan to gut the synths for the keyboards only to make them into a neater manual stack. Eliminating most of the existing electronics in these beasts in favour of a single midi scanner will also improve power consumption as each synth currently uses as much electricity than the PC that they

    Grandorgue and Hauptwerk are a certainly a quantum leap for enthusiasts like us who could never afford the money or the space needed for the real thing. Having access to not just one, but a whole suite of different organs, each with fairly convincing sound quality is quite marvellous, and very conducive to making practice a joy rather than a chore.

    I wish you all the best in getting your console finished.

    Warm Regards,
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    Congratulation on your undertaking. a lot of work but I imagine it was enjoyable. Thanks for your posting. I hope you will keep us informed on your further progress.
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    Hi PkH,

    I have not attempted to get GrandOrgue running in a non GUI environment... but what I do have working is GrandOrgue running on Puppy Linux in a console that does not have a mouse/keyboard/monitor attached. This provides a 'turnkey' solution that allows one to just plug the extras in when you want to adjust or change things, and play the console without having to worry about those things.

    Does this idea fit the direction that you're thinking of?

    Kind regards,

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    Hi Graham,

    Thanks for the response. I'm not at all familiar with Puppy Linux (apart from the tutorial on the GrandOrgue pages) but I might need to check it out.

    Yes, the turnkey aspect would be good, but also I'm thinking that if you don't need the GUI it frees up resource for other things... it may not be possible, though - just a thought.

    I think I'll have a look at Puppy, but as I said I'm not really that much into Linux. Now that GO is running under Linux I really need to get to grips with it, but it frustrates me because as soon as you leave the GUI it tends to be completely counterintuitive. (Stirring a can of worms there I think!)

    What was the demon tweak to get it to completely autorun / autostart?

    Thanks for the comments

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    As far as I know it's not possible to run GrandOrgue completely without a GUI at the moment. There are lots of recent development happening and I know that there has been talk about it for the future, but it's not yet implemented.

    It's easy however to setup a program to autostart in Ubuntu. In programs->settings->Upstart programs you can add a new entry with the correct command to start GO, ie. the exact path to the executable and possibly an organ file as an argument to auto load the organ in question.

    There are other options also to autostart a program but they require more knowledge and fiddling with the system.

    Kind regards

    Lars P

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