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Thread: Anyone know the origin of this quote?

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    Anyone know the origin of this quote?

    I'm working with the Vaughan Williams oboe concerto. Its a beautiful piece. There is one part that sounds like it could be a quote but I'm not sure where its taken from. Please help all ye quote hunters of MagleForums. Thank you!

    The quote begins in this youtube video of the third movement at 6:42.

    Thank you and good luck!

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    No quote, my friend - simply Vaughan-Williams' glorious music.
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    It is nothing I recognize from another source, but Vaughan Williams did sometimes use Folk Songs as a basis for his material. There are of course many English folk songs not too well known except to specialists.
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    Though I have little idea about origin. But I think "Origin" it will help you to know more. There is lot of famous musicians, you can take suggestion from them.........

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