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Thread: Over The Top

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    Over The Top

    I recently watched Over The Top, you know the Stallone arm wrestling film. Anyway, I noticed a piece of reccurring music throughout the film which is not on the soundtrack album, I'm not sure but it may be an instrumental variation on In The Country by Robin Zander. Well I was just wandering if anybody would know if it was available anywhere.

    Hope you can help and thanx for reading my post.

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    Re: Over The Top

    I would help, but I've never heard of that film before. Have you tried looking at music download locations? Musicmatch, itunes, etc. You may be able to find it.

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    I don't know whether the piece of music you refer to is on the actual soundtrack, however you can pick up a copy through Amazon on either CD or tape. Just type in Over The Top soundtrack and that should give you the information you need.
    Best Wishes Magnum

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