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Thread: Casavant Opus 3750 V/191 Organ in Fort Worth, Texas

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    Casavant Opus 3750 V/191 Organ in Fort Worth, Texas

    Trumpet Tune in D by David n. Johnson played by staff organist Jason D. Payne

    Toccata and Processional on "God Bless America" performed on the 62 Rank Reuter/A.E. Schlueter Organ of Briarlake Baptist Church, Decatur, Georgia by staff organist, Jason Payne.

    link will not copy so go to it from the above page. ENJOY
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    Thank you Bill, a lovely rousing piece to get me going this morning


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    Thanx for the link to that Casavant - Its been awhile since I heard it used in Johnson's Trumpet Tune
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    Two enjoyable recordings Bill. Thanks for the link.

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    Thanks, Bill ...

    I've played this one many times ... always an enjoyable piece to play and hear.

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    Poor Texas -- they think they have to have the "biggest and/or best" of everything. But when it comes to pipe organs, they rank several notches from the top. Maybe they should visit the Los Angeles area, or maybe West Point. You have to know how to do it.

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