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Thread: Albert Alain 'Toccata sur Cantemus Domino'

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    Albert Alain 'Toccata sur Cantemus Domino'

    Those of you had heard Marie-Claire's superb cd of her father's organ music will surely agree that this toccata ranks with the very best of 20th century organ toccatas. We are in Durufle territory here - it is just so impressive.

    Sadly I can't find the music anywhere, and I am beginning to wonder whether it was ever published. Can anyone enlighten me? (Niether can I find a Youtube clip for you all to hear it free of charge!)

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    Hi oldromola ! Welcome to this great forum

    I'm a great fan of Alain familly and that CD with Marie playin' her father's works at St.Germain en Laye is one of my favorites.... I even play it in my car in the morning when drivin' my son to school

    I had the same problem some time ago .... I couldn't find any scores....

    But being a member of jOrgan users list and one of its published dispositions creator, I had great help from my friends there. I cannot find the links anymore (sorry...) but I do have some scores of Albert in my archives, so I upload them here for everyone to enjoy (toccata isn't in sadly.... still lookin' for...) !

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    Do u have the sheets yet?

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