Hello Everyone!

Please vote for Dylano. He is an 7 month's old boy and he is really sick. He's sick since the day he was born and the doctors think that he won't make his first birthday. His 24 year old mother has been through so much. Her husband has some tumors in his legs and her own dad is also very sick. She also just found out that she will be blind on one eye and she might be on her other eye too. She has also two daughters who are 3 and 6 years old. They have been through so much. Please help Dylano and his family. He's on a dutch contest and he's second now, if... he can be first, he and his family will go to Disney land. Here is the link :
http://www.bofkontjevanhetjaar.nl/mijnbofkontje.aspx?Voornaam&t&Achternaam&bofkontje Id=52

It's a dutch site, so sorry about the language. You'll have to click on the word "stem". You'll find that word right next to his photo.

Here you can see two videos so you can learn more about Dylano and his family.

Thank you so much!
With much love, Anna