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    Pipe Organ Internet Resources

    Help creating a high quality resource for pipe organ, organ music and organist related info and links. I'll start out with the links I already have on my website. Please contact us with any suggestions you have of additions to the list (Suggestions made by active members of this forum will be prioritized). Of course you are always very much welcome to write your own interesting articles on this forum

    Specific Pipe Organ Links
    The National Pipe Organ Register
    The Organ in Riga Cathedral
    Atlantic City Convention Hall Organ Society
    Friends of the Wanamaker Organ
    The San Francisco Waterfront Pavilion Outdoor Pipe Organ

    Pipe Organ Builders
    Marcussen & Son
    Elsener Organ Works Inc.
    Austin Organs, Inc.
    Aristide Cavaillé-Coll

    Pipe Organ CD's and Publishers
    Gothic Recordings

    Pipe Organ Lists
    The World's Largest Pipe Organs (organ book of records)
    Encyclopedia of Organ Stops

    Thomas Dressler

    Miscellaneous Pipe Organ Links
    Julian Rhodes' Dream Organs
    Jeux d’orgues (Free Organ Soundfonts) in French, one pop-up
    PIPORG-L - an electronic mailing list about pipe organs and related topics

    Scores, CD's & Tutorials
    Jean-Paul Verpeaux (Musicalis)
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