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Thread: Can anyone offer advice for an aspiring horn player?

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    Can anyone offer advice for an aspiring horn player?

    Hello! I am a sophomore in high school and have been playing clarinet for four years. I love it and have found a lot of success with it, but I want to broaden my horizons, and I've always admired French horn. So, I was wondering... Are there any horn players on here? Can you offer any advice whatsoever? Can you give me any generic figures on the cost of lessons, rentals, mouthpieces, et cetera? Are there any habits to avoid forming when I first pick it up? Is there a particular variety/brand of horn/mouthpiece that would be best-suited for a beginner? How can I maintain a horn well, and how often should I practice? I would really appreciate any help. I'm a hard worker and I'm determined btw. It isn't the sort of thing that I would pick up and then tire of soon after. Thank you!!

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    From my college music study days.. I would suggest staying within the same area ( fingering, wind power etc ) i.e. sax, flute. There is more ware and tear so to speak with the brass/horns( as I remember from having to study and play all istruments as required in college. Interesting thought about the digitizing of the clarinet. I think piano is a good bases for all serious music students as it helps in many areas of the musical field as John mentiioned. If no ones answers your questions specific from the MIMF. I will check with friends on those subjects for you as I do not know the answers i.e. horns etc etc.. Good Luck my friend.....
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    You're going from a relatively easy to play instrument (the clarinet, which I also play) to one of the hardest - good luck with that - don't let anyone get in the way of your dreams.
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    As the gentleman replied to the query of "How to get to Carnegie Hall"? Practice, practice, practice and then practice some more so that you can never play any piece wrong.............Infinitely commit yourself to the Orchestral Horn, a commitment like Marriage - The Horn, ah yes, She is a most fiendishly jealous mistress.............Play with Her correctly and She is more seductive and sultrily sexy than any Blonde or Brunette Bombshell you've seen on TV, in the Movies, or in the Men's magazines........

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    Not quite a horn player, I'm actually a tubist, but I have some knowledge in most instruments. I think its great that you're wanting to switch to an uncommon brass instrument. More power to ya! As far as instruments, they usually rent for around 50 bucks a month. You'll want to start with a single horn and then move up to the double after a few years. Lessons can vary depending on the quality of teacher. Usually college students charge half as much as professionals and are easier to learn from. Look to try and get a Conn or Jupiter for a beginning horn. As far as mouthpieces, go with a farkas or bach. It'll take some adjusting. woodwind and brass use completely different muscles. I can't even make a sound on a woodwind. Hopefully that helped. Best of luck!

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