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Thread: Piece Symphonique by Louis Vierne

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    Piece Symphonique by Louis Vierne


    I'm doing some detective work, trying to locate the original manuscript for Louis Vierne's Piece Symphonique for organ and orchestra. I'm finishing my master degree, and I'm so lucky that I have the opportunity to play my final concert with a Symphony Orchestra - and I would like to perform this piece.
    The work is mentioned both in Rollin Smith's biography and Sanger/Laukvik's – Vierne Complete Organ Works.
    Vierne arranged three movements from his three first symphonies for a tour in USA - but only the second movement, Adagio, has been published:
    Louis Vierne:
    Adagio, 1926
    pour orgue et orchestre - - cordes [divisées]
    Durand ref 1164
    This is the Adagio from the third symphony, the first movement in Piece Symphonique is the Scherzo from the second symphony, and the last movement is the Finale from the first symphony.

    Now, I know the original manuscript exists, it has even been recorded:
    And as I have translated this article:
    I learnt that they have copied their scores from the original manuscript.
    Now, I've been in contact with the artist, but she is not willing to sell or rent out the score as she wants to be the only performer with the rights to perform this music.
    She would also not disclose where she obtained the original manuscript for the last two movements.

    So that is the reason I'm posting here, I was hoping someone might know: Where is the original manuscript for Piece Symphonique by Louis Vierne?
    Durand-Salabert-Eschig could not help me, but maybe someone here knows someone who might know, or have good ideas on how to proceed.

    Thanks for reading, and I hope you can help :-)


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    Welcome to the forums and the Best for the New Year. Hopefully someone can help you with your search.
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    - Jean Langlais

    I wish you the Best for each day, now and always.


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    Hello Torkil,

    Oh, so you have been in contact with Christine Kamp, eh? Personally, I feel that what she is doing is unlawful since the work in question is in public domain. Have you looked through IMSLP or appealed to the membership at PIPORGL?
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    Dear Torkil, I have in my possession a copy of The American Organist, February 2012. On page 36 of this magazine 'Organist Kenrick Mervine & the Boulder Philharmonic conducted by James Ramsey, played the Colorado premiere of Louis Vierne's Piece symphonique at the University of Denver on November 13, 2011... Mervine is preparing the Vierne score for eventual publication.'

    Maybe if you could contact this organist you may have a new thread on your research.



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