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Thread: Landmarq are ready to back

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    Landmarq are ready to back

    Hey folks. Take a look to this link. You have to know that British neoprog is still alive and kicking.

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    Ok, it's been a little while coming but LANDMARQ are pleased to announce their new line-up. Step forward lead singer, Wolf Campen. A multi-instrumentailst and songwriter himself, Wolf was delighted to get the call following a series of auditions earlier in the year and is now looking forward to working with the band as they begin some fairly intensive rehearsals in preparation for their appearances in October at the Summer's End Festival and also the Classic Rock Society.
    Another change to the line up occurred when drummer Daniel Martin made the decision to move on from the band as he was relocating back to Scotland to start a business producing original artwork. Now step forward new drummer, Andy Allen. Andy was already known to the band and although fairly busy elsewhere, musically, he was equally delighted to receive the call to join the Landmarq family.

    Existing band members (Mike Varty, Uwe D'rose and Steve Gee) agree they are happy to be up to full strength again and are now looking forward to getting back on stage. Landmarq also have plans to release a new album in 2019 with the writing of new material already well underway.

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