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Thread: I really need FAST help deciding which synthesizer to buy!

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    Unhappy I really need FAST help deciding which synthesizer to buy!

    Yamaha PSR-E423 vs. Yamaha S03?

    Which one of them do you think is better for me, if you don't look at the prices.

    I would love one that has a sound VERY close to a REAL grand piano sound, that's what I expect the most out of it! Basically I want it to sound very much like the real piano. And would also be good if the speakers sound was nice and also some other good sounds and non-toyish keys.. ALSO WOULD BE GOOD IF THE KEYS ARE THE SAME WIDTH AS THE REAL PIANO. (26,5 mm I think? not sure)

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    If the price doesn't matter I would look for the Roland V-Piano. It produces probably the most realistic Piano-sound and has of course a full piano-keyboard.

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