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    EPK Interview Pt 1 | EPK Pt 2 [coming soon]

    Now forging ahead through their multi-album suite started with 2009’s The Tide Decides, Echo Us continues to introduce intricate, evocative and new sounds for ambient rock music. Set for release March 20th 2012, Tomorrow Will Tell The Story lifts its tale from automatic writing channeled by its creator, Ethan Matthews. The voices call for light and unification- as we continuously create our own realities.

    Across the album singer-songwriter Henta weaves duets of dark and light with Ethan, cascading over the harp of Raelyn Olson and meditation canticle performed by hermeticist Rawn Clark.

    The video animation for the song Mirror In The Window brought much praise in 2011- Its mystical quality being a step outside. Ethan's music has always been unpredictable, but here the entire concept seems to come from a completely alien space-

    Ethan writes:
    “I’ve always gotten the lot of my musical ideas from dreams and trance states- but this time was different...

    ...Words and phrases came from completely outside of me into my mind very clear and vividly- and I’d never recalled them before. These were spiritual sayings and ideas that were quite alien to me. This became not only the inspiration for, but direct material lifted for The Archaeous of Water suite. This experience led me to discover Kabbalism and esoteric works such as The Seth Material along with other forms of spiritualism.”

    Signed pre-orders for Tomorrow Will Tell The Story are on sale now at The CD album also includes two extra album tracks and one bonus track not originally slated for release. 2009’s The Tide Decides on Musea Records generated a new interest in Ethan, who first gained recognition as a young talent in 2000 with his first Musea Records release- Greyhaven.

    Fusing the surreal with the organic, Tomorrow Will Tell The Story represents continued innovation in modern music: As the title implies- A new day dawns.


    Press quotes:
    -Robert Silverstein, writer for 20th Century Guitar and Music Web Express writes:
    “Matthews is a multifaceted musical genius...Ethan teaming up with Henta reminds me of Edgard Varese producing Mike Oldfield and Maggie Riley-this is 21st century music in all it’s glory- the sound of the future arriving today from tomorrow land..."
    "Echo Us' mastermind Ethan Matthews is finely tuning his interpretation of modern progressive rock- The most unique sounding album I have heard all year."
    “The whale hymns of "Out Of The Blue" lift up the recital "Sh'ma Israel" from the ebbing depth- where a crystal harp strum meets the shadows of a gigantic guitar riff- adding up to an abstract, otherworldly anthem...”

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Watt View Post
    "Sea of Tranquility dot org, is a beautiful looking domain, even if I'm down on excessive bandwidth, the animations.

    I couldn't find anything to hear for free. Good for you.
    What I'm reading sounds like "1983, A Merman I would be, moon, turn the tides, gently, gently away", by Jimi Hendrix.
    A man of Egyptian Nubian descent with a Cherokee grandmother, and a former U.S. radar engineer,
    who channelled many spirits. He always said he never got "that dry, desert sound".

    May your navigation by notes lead you to enchanted, uncharted landings.

    plenty for free for sure! we would never skimp :-) As to everything else here = "?"

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