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Thread: Diane Bish & Simon Preston - Organ duet on Widor Toccata (symphony #5)

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    Diane Bish & Simon Preston - Organ duet on Widor Toccata (symphony #5)

    Never ever heard this as a duet..rather impressive actually.Enjoy..I know some of you do not care for Ms Bish : but we studied under some of the same teachers growing up in Kansas... but I do not play as fast as she does either )...
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    Interesting piece Bill. I don't think I have ever heard a duet like this before


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    If it's the one I think it is, it was done years ago at Coral Ridge Presbyterian. Bish played the pipe organ and Preston a four-manual electronic. It was on her "Joy of Music" program. Done as a duet, it ought to jimmy the roof a little.

    As for those who "don't care" for Bish, She's a bit flamboyant for my taste, and she's one of those who chase ambulances when it comes to tempi. But, as with a certain guy named Fox, I don't question her technical ability. We should all wish for that part!! But given the age Bish has to be by now,maybe she will "mellow" a little one of these days.

    Not long ago, I heard her play Franck's "Piece Heroique", and it came across just about like other organists play it. But given the abundance of 'accidentals' in that piece, maybe it's no race material. She doesn't seem to play Franck much -- most of his pieces are probably too long for the TV program. But they surely don't tax her ability much.
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    Am not a Diane Bish fan either, but there was no doubt she enjoyed that duet!

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    Nice Bill, Simon Preston is one of my favorites and there is no doubt about the technical ability of Diane Bish. She has offered some exciting performances Interesting to hear the Toccata as a duet.
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