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Thread: deathmetal: Illdisposed - 1-800-Vindication

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    deathmetal: Illdisposed - 1-800-Vindication

    Band: Illdisposed
    Name: 1-800-Vindication

    Meet Illdisposed. A Danish deathmetal band that's been around for 15+ years and plays dark heavy. I did not care much for their older albums, being too unmelodic and unfocused for my taste. There are no illusions surrounding Illdisposed, they are Danish heavymetal rednecks from Aarhus, and they know it.

    1-800-Vindication is a great cd for several reasons. It is superbly produced, mixing dark and fast heavy with sort of progressive trance undertones. The electronic/techno elements are not too audible, yet they still give the metal sound an edge. The general drive and sound is fast, dark and heavy on growling. If I should draw some pararels, I would say that it reminds me at times of Seppulturas.

    The lyrics are underplayed, short and nothing fancy. Here are no swords, flying skulls or intellectual poetry - Illdisposed's lyrics are about everyday love, hate, fear, misunderstandings, break up's in a simple and minimalistic way.

    I tend to see the different genres as exponents of the sides of the crystal that makes up the human mind. Illdisposed happens to have an excellent grasp of despair, unjustified anger and stupid male behaviourism.

    1-800-Vindication makes easily my top-10 of greatest metal albums of all times. Their website states that they are making a new album, one that I am looking forward to.

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    Great album. Can't say it in my top 10 or ever top 100, but it's still good enough.

    Don't like their earlier records - brutal and, may be, powerful, but rather stupid and boring

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