For two years, my band XII Alfonso (France) has been composing, arranging, recording and mixing his new album, a triple CD dedicated to the life and work of Charles Darwin.

These three CDs relate, in a chronological order, the major events of his existence. With 22 songs and 30 instrumental pieces, we try to illustrate his biography with notes, timbres, rythms, atmospheres and words.

30 month of work, 52 tracks, 70 instruments used, 50 musicians involved in the project, and at the end of the day 3 hours of music packed in a beautiful digibook with a 76 colous pages booklet.

This triple cd, at least, is available !

Some extracts can be heard on myspace, and the album is available through our site :

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We are a completetely autoproduced band. If you enjoy what you hear, buy it, distribute it, or please just spread the word.

Enclosed below is a list of some of the musicians involved in the project :


Maggie Reilly
Elliott Murphy
Gérard Lenorman
Huong Thanh
Pierre Emberger, singer of Freegh,

Ronnie Caryl
Amy Keys
Alistair Gordon
Jayney Klimek


John A. Helliwell, Supertramp’s legendary saxophonist
Raphaël Ravenscroft
Terry Oldfield

John Hackett


Tim Renwick
Francis Dunnery, It Bites' first guitarist
Robin Boult

Ian Bairnson


David Paton
Mickaël Manring


Mickey Simmonds
Ton Scherpenzeel

All the best,