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Thread: This Biggie Duets Is Garbage

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    This Biggie Duets Is Garbage

    The few songs with some new vocals are pretty good, but hearing his old verses over new beats, **** just dont sound right to me. Dudes take a grimy verse and put it over a happy sounding beat.

    Plus they got him working with, 50 percent of these people, he would never ever work with .... this **** is a joke.

    Dont get me wrong, Biggie still one of the best ever, this Puff-ploitation album just dont [censored] work. So yeah, Ima hater.

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    Re: This Biggie Duets Is Garbage

    Biggie Smalls aka Notorious B.I.G , arguably best known for his album - Ready To Die.

    Some of the best Hiphop/ rap ever, and a cd definitely to be checked out for people wanting to learn more about early hiphop.


    I'm sorry you rate the new cd that bad kamesh, I haven't heard it yet.

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    What about 50 Cent. then?
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