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Thread: Benko Dixieland band from Hungary

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    Benko Dixieland band from Hungary

    Some excellent work here, mostly Dixie, but some numbers are not trad standards, but still well worth a listen. Some tracks feature one of the best Jazz violinists I've heard in years, Csaba Deseo, try "How high the moon"

    Includes an excellent banjo medley; a somewhat chaotic "Long way to Tipperary" with 4 pianists on 2 pianos, 4 drummers, 4 trombones 2 vocalists. and a whole host of "guest artists"

    Just cherry pick here and there, or go through methodically. Some I tried and skipped, but most are fine.
    Cheers MIKE.

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    Thanks for that Mike. Really entertaining stuff. Puts a smile on ones face!! I played through some and will get back to some later. Happy music indeed. Good to see and hear just how this great music has travelled round the world.

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