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Fairly soon, my humble article will be published on F2g thread.
To find uncommon niche on today’s musical scene is quite a challenge, but in the case of FREEDOM TO GLIDE it has been successfully accomplished. The conceptual idea became a basis and source of inspiration for collaborative partnership of Andy Nixon and Pete Riley who honor their musical roots, but have individual characteristics and principles. As a starting point, I would cite Pink Floyd legacy, albeit this evident reference fail to paint a full picture. With their particular approach, the UK project defies the giants, churning out a high-standard conceptual message that stands up to be equal with some of the best works in the prog history. Moving far away from the legion of dull copyists and using very special lyrics, F2g pushes the boundaries of framework to set apart from other bands doing predictable things within the genre. Indeed, these gentlemen have managed to create a sonical palette full of colour and meaning. The debut full-length album 'Rain' was released in 2013 to create a genuine wave of enthusiasm and interest from the press and the demanding fans. Since that went beyond the duo's own expectations, the musicians have decided to raise their game to further level continuing to establish the singular material. Sticking to the musical formula established three years back, F2g unleashed the second CD 'Fall' (2016) which also garnered acclaim and support from the public and reviewers. The great news is that now we can add CD ‘Seed’ as another milestone (a final part of the anti-war trilogy). In itself, a landmark effort - logically and musically. As might to be expected, the third album holds plenty of instantly-recognizable parameters we have come to expect from this creative tandem. F2g stay faithful to their exceptional course, utilizing very dramatic storyline. And again, there’s a hypnotizing flow of soundscapes and mellow textures complemented by thought–provoking lyrics. The entire work has uniquely imaginative feel, ensured by exquisite guitars and textured keyboard layers right where they should be. All instrumental parts are perfectly arranged and orchestrated to develop the mood for each chapter of the set. Whilst the leisurely pace is retained, the dramatic tension has a deep impact to hit your senses. The rhythmic backdrop is understated for good measure. The emotional vocal lines pose the display of ensemble musicianship. And everything serves to provide the essence that Freedom To Glide are striving for. Since the music flows smoothly, it’s not very easy to pick out a concrete favorite track. Having said that, I did find ‘The Space Between The Lines’ being a pure gem which should be placed in playlist under the sign of ‘goosebumps’. It moves through some changes, maintaining a general atmosphere whist the mood changes from subtle to monumental. The slow build features a delicate piano playing and calm vocals to propel the song a bit forward, then the supreme guitar enriches the design soon before giving way to mighty orchestrated segment. Trite to say so, but this magus opus does contain the main ingredients of what F2g has to offer. Both lyrically and musically, it's absolutely terrific, stirring the inner spirit and human emotions. Although it's quite possible that your personal favorites will differ to mine, because such is the consistent quality of material on here. The compositions are easy to connect with that helps make the emotionally charged album very accessible. Undoubtedly, the whole work is greater than its separate parts. Listening to the figurative lyrics, you can visiualize the storyline. The result is that FREEDOM TO GLIDE sound as evocative as on two previous albums, and true prog aficionados need to take their hats off. But if you are just an uninitiated soul looking for a good introduction to one of the most remarkable projects on the modern prog-scene, then look no further. So I leave this item to decipher – speculatively and emotionally… RECOMMENDED.