I am looking for an ally in the process of OST analysis by means of comparative studies in similar soundtracks. The OST I am analyzing has a variety of different styles, belonging to many musical forms that I recognize aesthetically but could not name and would not be able to associate to other composers.

Is there a place on the internet, and perhaps this is one, that I might be able to find someone who could help me identify the relatively similar compositions that match the music that I am studying, in order to compile a more thorough comparative analysis for my thesis?

If you are personally capable of something like this, please let me know, even if you are not in the position to offer your time to such a project. I am curious for now to see whether there are any such specialists available at all on this forum.

Otherwise, if you know where I could find somebody who fits the description, I would greatly appreciate being pointed in that direction.

All the best,


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