12-13-14 April 2013
“KORAIS” Choir has the pleasure to announce the organization of the 3rd World Choir Festival on Musical, in Thessaloniki, in 2013. If you have loved the ever lasting melodies of theatre and film musicals, if you wish to share with other art lovers unique music experiences, come and meet us in Thessaloniki, from the 12th to the 14th of April 2013, to participate to the 3rd World Choir Festival on Musical. The Festival does not have a competitive character and it is addressed to all choirs and vocal ensembles all over the world. Each choir is invited to interpret 5 songs, 3 from musicals while the remaining 2 of free choice, preferably coming from film soundtracks. Any dancing performances of the songs that will be presented by the choirs, are welcome. The accommodation of the choirs will be at 4* and 5* hotels with a very attractive cost. Staying in Thessaloniki, the city of the a historical presence of 2.300 years, with archaeological and cultural interests of special significance, can give the opportunity to the choir members to combine their participation to the Festival to their acquaintance with the rich historical monuments of the city. http://xorodiakoraiseng.weebly.com/sightseeing.html
For more information on this topic, you can visit the choir’s site: http://xorodiakoraiseng.weebly.com/announcements.html
The Organization Committee of the Festival will be glad to offer you any further information.
The 3rd World Choir Festival on Musical is waiting for your participation to a Festival which is, from the original idea of its creation, dedicated to Peace, Friendship, Collaboration, Fellowship and Solidarity of people. We will be delighted to welcome you to the beautiful and historical city of Thessaloniki. Join us to the world celebration of Musical!
For the Organizing Committee
Stratos Tsichlas, President