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Thread: More Olympic moans

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    More Olympic moans

    Going back a few years, the Olympics was purely for AMATEUR SPORTS, many of which had little or no other international championships. This has gradually been eroded, partly by athletes being "enlisted" as service personnel/employed by the state by certain countries, partly by the media and big business into the farcical juggernaut we now have.

    Many non sports have found their way in too, if you can't measure the event by time, height, weight, points/goals or distance then it ain't a real sport, if it requires "judging" for the points it ain't a sport, points/scores are OK for games like tennis, badminton etc, but not synchronised swimming, ice dancing etc. If it requires an animal other than a human being it don't count the one who can afford the best animal usually wins- so no equestrian events - sorry, it's not human endeavour.

    Should team games be allowed or should it all be individual action?
    Do we need so many different swimming strokes, we don't have running backwards, running on your hands or hopping races!

    How long before Formula one gets in?
    Cheers MIKE.

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    It has gotten way to "commercial" of late ... at least for my tastes ... and it seems a bit limited to the Summer Olympics as opposed to the winter versions. (hey, Olympic Committee, I said "Summer Olympics - come and cart me away )

    I think it all comes down to the almighty dollar, pound, kroner, euro or whatever have you - I think the original purpose of the Olympics (shoot, I said it again ... surely I will wind up in jail before the day is done ) as it has wandered far off course and away from its original scope and/or purpose.

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    I can't understand Tae Kwondo being kept in, after it was included by the Koreans. I practised it for several years and even did some training with Mr Rhee, a seventh Dan and head of the UKTA at the time, but why keep it in. We have Judo and if they wanted another martial art why not one of the karate styles like Shotokan, which is more widely practised. It is true we had Ted Wolf as Olympic (whoops) coach who lives locally and who I knew quite well, and who did an excellent job, but there are other disciplines which would be more appropriate.

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