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Thread: Another fine young organist for you to enjoy from Hungary

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    Another fine young organist for you to enjoy from Hungary

    From concert performance;
    Cesar Franck: Sortie

    SO very expressive and emotional performance of Albinoni's Adagio in g minor.
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    I wrote quite a lot about Hungarian organists on another forum, and of all the organ scenes I have investigated, I found this the most exciting of all. They have some stupendous organists who seem also to be musicians; one at least a concert organist AND pianist, which is quite rare. Hungarian improvisation also seems to be very interesting, and in spite of a very talented pool of young organists, there are virtually no professional church or cathedral organists; hence the need to diversify into other things musical, if only to earn a living.

    The other remarkable organ scene is the Czech Republic....the amount of undiscovered or little known organ-music is staggering, and they have some good organs and organists. I believe there are something like 200 organ concertos in the Czech repertoire!

    We should all do more to discover more for ourselves, and make some of this Eastern European organ culture known to the wider world.


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    Thank you for the reference to the web site of this very talented young man. He is an exciting discovery.
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    Good to see you back Rob. Trust you had a good trip

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