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Thread: Sandy & organs

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    Sandy & organs

    Does anyone know how the hurricane Sandy has affected organs on the east coast of the US? Especially the "largest in the world" organ at Boardwalk Hall, Atlantic City, was in the danger zone, as it has already once suffered seriously in a flood caused by a hurricane in 1944 and the hall is located very near the sea. When googling for some news about the hall I found this news on an upcoming hockey event:

    What frightens me most is the sentence "Should Boardwalk Hall, where the games are contested, be seriously damaged or destroyed by Sandy..."

    On the official home page of the organ there is the following status update from today:

    OCTOBER 30, 2012
    There is currently no specific information regarding the Hall and the organs following the arrival of Hurricane Sandy. This "perfect storm" - consisting of high tides, strong winds, and powerful water surges - slammed into America's east coast on Monday October 29th. It hit just south-west of Atlantic City, bringing unprecedented walls of water. Within hours, 85% of Atlantic City was officially reportedly as flooded. Whole sections of the world-famous Boardwalk were lifted and deposited on the streets, as was tons of sand. Power was lost, too, although the casinos have their own generators. Later, the wind speed dropped to a mere 9MPH (from gusts of around 80) as the eye of the storm passed over the city. The Hall's basements - where the blowers are housed - are below sea level. Their doors held fast during last year's Hurricane Irene and the pumps kept-up with the water that did manage to get into the building. However, Hurricane Sandy is a different matter. It may be some days - depending on travel restrictions, water levels, electricity supplies, etc. - before we are able to get an accurate assessment of any damage to the Hall and its organs. Further details will be posted here when they are available.

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    Have not heard anything yet. I do know the area is flooded and devastated.. amusment rides distroyed, boardwalk distroyed and no electric in most of the area.. so may be awhile before they can access any problems. so much underground areas are flooded.. so hopefully the console and pipes are far away from ground level and open areas. I would guess blowers may be damaged (?).... Take care
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    Eric Dolch from the "Fans of the Atlantic City Boardwalk Organ" facebook group posted this yesterday:

    Carl Loeser (Boardwalk Hall Organ Curator) and I just went through the Midmer-Losh and Kimball organs from top to bottom. There is no sign of water making its way into any of the chambers. The garage level and blower rooms did get just a few inches of water that is being cleaned up, but certainly not enough to harm the blowers. It seems that all is well at Boardwalk Hall. Early word from Ocean Grove is that the organ there is okay as well, but a thorough inspection of the chambers has not been completed. Let's just hope that the organ at the Grove got through the storm as well as the Hall.

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    Excellent news !

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