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Thread: Discussion on melody

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dorsetmike View Post
    To misquote " Beautiful Music is in the ear of the listener". What I find difficult to understand is how some people can class works by Gorecki and Einaudi (among others) as music, Gorecki I find almost painful, I switch off the radio as soon as his name is mentioned, or the first bars of one of his works; Einaudi is barely suitable for use in elevators, mindless repetitive noise for the most part, I don't recall anybody recording hos work, other than himself, wonder why?
    Mike, my sentiments entirely!! Thanks. I think that this is an extrapolation of my 'melodic music' preferences.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chi_townPhilly View Post

    You are misunderstanding me.

    Well I agree with what you have written.
    Bruckner’s orchestration is very thick in texture IMO compared to say Mozart or even Beethoven please don’t get me wrong I have quite a few Bruckner CD’s and as you pointed out he can do short tunes as per Motets which I adore.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dorsetmike View Post
    To misquote " Beautiful Music is in the ear of the listener".

    This does not mean I'm against all contemporary work, for example I enjoy Priesners "Requiem for my friend", particularly the Lascrimosa.
    One quote attributed to Mozart was that music should never offend the Ear (or simular) but as music is so very subjective is not a quote that applies to future generations, I personally like minimalism as in Satie’s Gymnopedies
    and of course some Arvo Part works just to name a couple
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