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Thread: Evolution.

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    I see that the UK is seeking to introduce legislation that the scientific, Darwinian, theory of evolution is taught in the new free schools, their fear appears to be that the new "free schools" may, if funded/established by religious organisations, only teach the Genesis and Noah's Ark version of how it all began.

    I have also seen it suggested that this should be made to apply to all schools, why should it only apply to certain schools, surely they should all be taught the same truth, it's "only" a case of deciding which version is the truth.
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    Well I suppose that would be all right if all schools taught it alongside their own religious version, but we know that certain schools will only push their own religious bent, don't we. As we know there is one rule for us, and another for them. We have probably, at least in this country, wittingly or unwittingly eaten meat which has been killed in an in human way, without being stunned first, because certain people want it that way and are allowed to do it that way, despite it being unlawful for the rest of us.

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    We are supposed to be a secular country but it is hard to regulate the schools they just want to do it their way and quite honestly I just don't care any more.
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