Hello to all of you,

My name is Bartek and I'm from Poland I want to introduce you some polish prog-rock bands you might not know. Yep, I think all of you know Riverside or Indukti, but I won't write about that ones.

First of all some young polish bands you might like are:

Retrospective - just released "Lost In Perception" album, please check their new single great video here (more art-rock not prog, but also great!):
Retrospective - The End Of The Winter Lethargy [OFFICIAL HD] - YouTube

Division By Zero - also just released new song "Let Me In" with new band members. Some of you might know their album "Tyranny of Therapy". This one is not as good, but also great to hear they don't gave up:
Division By Zero - Let Me In (new song) - YouTube

WALFAD - more art-rock also, but great young band from Poland. Singing in polish, so you might be a bit woozy, but sounds great as well Please enjoy their song "Bez celu do celu":
WALFAD - Bez Celu do Celu - YouTube

ECHO-E - band from Wroclaw, art-rock mixed with alternative, indie, funky and... JAZZ! Very young musicians, you might like that track "Indiana Jones" (such good association with that title):
Echoe - Indiana Jones (Official Video) - YouTube