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    Dave Hentschel

    I am sure this might well have been touched on many times, but can anybody please tell me if the Dave Hentschels soundtrack to the film Operation Daybreak(1975). I've just watched the film again and was reminded of how atmospheric and beautiful the s/t is/was.
    I've checked a squillion places but cannot get past the fact that it seems n/available, this is a terrible shame that this wonderful score might never be released even after all these years, does anyone know of any availability anywhere. The other thing i cannot seem to get my hands on is the Robin Gibb "Titanic Requiem", it seems its very hard to get and very expensive, Ebay etc didn't have it last time i looked and Amazon were extortionate.
    Any help with this either please.

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    The "original music" was composed/arranged by David Hentschel. There is no record of a soundtrack ever being created for the 1975 version of Daybreak.
    Not every movie's music makes it to a soundtrack ... there are many reasons (copyright issues, royalty payments to musicians, etc).

    Dave has a website (click here) that has a "contact" form. You might get the best results of your search by contacting him directly.

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