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Thread: Song from Coco Avant Chanel trailer

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    Song from Coco Avant Chanel trailer

    Hi all,

    Since some time I have been (unsuccessfully) looking for the songs in this Coco Avant Chanel trailer. I am absolutely dying to know the titles and hopefully you can help me out

    I now know that the song playing from 1:28 until the end of the trailer is "Connectivity" by Paul Reeves. But the two songs that play before "Connectivity" remain untraceable to me. The first song is playing from 0:00-0:44, and the second one from 0:45-1:27.

    Does anyone know the names of these songs?



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    Please note that songs listed in the movie credits cannot always be found on CD soundtracks. The original music for this film was written by Alexandre Desplat according to the IMDB site.

    The Soundtrack on CD contains the following songs:
    1. L'Abandon
    2. Chez Chanel
    3. Coco & Boy
    4. Royallieu
    5. Couture
    6. Avenue du Bois
    7. Premier Baiser
    8. Gabrielle Bonheur
    9. L'Hippodrome
    10. Arthur Capel
    11. Confession de Balsan
    12. Coco RĂ©ve de Paris
    13. L'Atelier
    14. Un Seul Amour
    15. Le Chagrin de Coco
    16. Casino de Deauville
    17. Little Black Baby
    18. Qui Qu'a vu Coco
    Also, bear in mind that the music for a Trailer may or may not have been used in the actual movie. The music that doesn't make it onto the soundtrack is usually protected by copyrights; the other matter is having to pay royalties to musicians each time a copyrighted piece of music is played or performed. Most music for today's films are what is called "Original Music" ... that being the song was created just for this movie by a composer. The original music composer for this film is by Alexandre Desplat. His website can be found here

    There are composers of copyrighted scores that never release them for publication and/or being recorded, except the one time licensing for that movie.

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