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Thread: Pipe Organ Lessons

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    Pipe Organ Lessons

    I am on totally unfamiliar teritory and I do not know if this question is even appropriate to ask.

    What is a expected price to pay for pipe organ lessons per hour?

    I understand that there are many variables that will infuence the tutors asking price. I am however attempting to get a feeling for what I can expect to pay for my family members tution.

    Is there somewhere a published guide for fees for this type of tution? If so please point me to it.

    Also if this topic is on the forum allready I would like to read it.

    If you reply with amounts I will convert amounts to Euro.

    Thank you and kind regards.


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    Probably best to ask around in the country you live in; better still, in your own city or town if you are to have realistic comparisons.

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    I charge 35 EUR / 60 min which is below average here (Finland).

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    Depends largely upon the region in which you live and whom the instruct/tutor is.

    The other variable is about your talent level at this time. Have you had piano lessons before? If so, at what level was your playing expertise?
    Many organists have had years of piano before starting organ ... although certainly not a prerequisite to learning the organ, but in most cases you will find that those of us who chose the professional career of being an organist almost always had piano lessons prior.

    There are several professional organizations that would be great resources for point of contact in your quest for information:

    There are others, but it would be senseless to list them all without knowing the approximate region of where you reside.

    Check also, your local universities for an Organ Department ... these might have group classes that can be of lesser expense, at least to get your feet wet [a pun - as organists do use their feet to play] before pursuing private study.

    I would recommend against going this on your own, especially if you are serious about learning to play the organ. Without the superior guidance of a teacher/tutor, you will possibly only be learning bad habits over and over again.

    I personally had 6 years of private piano study, then another 6 years of private organ study as well as 2 years at the university level; I've been a professional organist since 1961 ... and needless to say, I love the profession and still very actively play on a wonderful pipe organ for weekly church services where I live.

    Lars A. ♫

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    Thank you, I will most certainly use the advice given so far, and that to come. I will also report back with more detail.

    Kind regards.


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