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Thread: The Devillier mystery

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    The Devillier mystery

    Recently I bought a Devillier trumpet off Ebay. The only hint to its origin was a discussion online which claimed Devillier trumpets were stencils of German manufacturer Bohm & Meinl. (Mine is stamped Taiwan, however.)

    As I searched online, I found owners of Devillier violins, clarinets and saxes, many of whom were trying to discover the origin of their second-hand instruments. All commissioned from fairly good manufacturers under the Devillier name brand, it seemed. A few people even claimed to have bought their instruments new, though they didn't say where, and I had no way to contact them.

    I have only ever seen Devilliers second-hand. Who the heck is selling these Devillier instruments in the first place? Who owns the name brand? It seems the best source of information might be from the company itself, but I am not finding a clue as to how to track them down.

    Anyone know anything?

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    I am assuming that you have used Google to try and track them down. Wicki may help although it is not always reliable.

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