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Thread: My first opera song that i performed

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    Thanks!..Do you have in mind any video with good vocal trainer?

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    Do a search on youtube( vocal tech., breath control, vocal methods , etc) and a few will come up.. a few years ago I view a number and they all seemed to be with an acceptable range of vocal education. Some were by classical /opera singers and some by general vocal coaches. I would be happy to advise/aswser any questions you may have..or critique a mp3/video of a performance or perhaps even use skype cam as a means too.. Good Luck and Take care..
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    Thanks..Yep i will send you wjen i record in nice wuality the same song..

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    I am not a singer, but years ago I had a professional vocal coach during studying music. I remember when you have to reach high notes:
    -activate all room in your mouth for air. That means get a feeling like sighing in your mouth, move the tongue at the tip of your teeth. Show your upper teeth for overtones. Think down, when you go up and also don't move your head up to reach high notes, because then you close your throat doing that. Open your mouth really wide and smile a bit.

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