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Thread: "Playing the History": Steve Hackett, David Jackson, John Hackett, etc...

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    "Playing the History": Steve Hackett, David Jackson, John Hackett, etc...

    I found this interesting project:

    "Playing the History" : Fresh instrumental interpretations of some of the masterpieces of Progressive rock.

    with: Steve Hackett, John Hackett, David Jackson,
    Marco Lo Muscio, Carlo Matteucci & Giorgio Gabriel (The Watch)

    Steve Hackett plays four tracks on the album:

    - Hands of the Priestess
    - Galadriel
    - Hairless Heart
    - After the Ordeal

    John Hackett plays on 13 tracks

    David Jackson plays on "Theme One" and "The great gig in the sky" (with John)


    Trailer Video:


    Facebook page:

    Track list:
    1 Jerusalem (Parry/Emerson, Lake & Palmer)
    2 Catherine of Aragon (Rick Wakeman)
    3 Overnight Snow (John Hackett)
    4 Hairless Heart (Genesis) with Steve Hackett
    5 After the Ordeal (Genesis) with Steve Hackett
    6 Horizons (Genesis)
    7 Fanfare and Lutes' Chorus (Anthony Phillips)
    8 Hammer in the Sand (Steve Hackett)
    9 Theme One (Martin/Van Der Graaf Generator) with David Jackson
    10 I Talk to the Wind (King Crimson)
    11 Shadow of the Hierophant (Steve Hackett)
    12 Hands of the Priestess (Steve Hackett) with Steve Hackett
    13 Galadriel (Steve Hackett) with Steve Hackett
    14 Galadriel's Memories (John Hackett)
    15 Bilbo's Dream (Marco Lo Muscio)
    16 Visions from Minas Tirith (Marco Lo Muscio)
    17 The Great gig in the Sky (Pink Floyd) with David Jackson

    Interview with John Hackett about the new album:

    This instrumental project was born of our friendship and the same incurable and inextinguishable love of classical and progressive rock music. Between the two genres there exists a continuum of sound – who can say where one ends and the other begins?

    With this intention we have chosen some of the masterpieces of progressive rock music. Friends and family, Steve Hackett, Dave Jackson and Giorgio Gabriel, did us the honour of accepting our proposal to perform all the pieces in new, interesting ways. These are fresh interpretations, in a way close to the performance of classical music without drums and vocals.

    The core of our idea is to give a place of honour to progressive rock music on the same level as the works of the great classical composers. Progressive rock lyrics have often drawn on elements of myth and fantasy, so we have also included some new pieces inspired by the literature of JRR Tolkien.
    What more can we say? Listen and enjoy!
    (Marco Lo Muscio, John Hackett and Carlo Matteucci)

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    ...some Videos from the official concert of the presentation of the CD "Playing the History"
    (July 1 in Rome):

    George Martin/VDGG: Theme One

    ELP: Jerusalem & Infinite Space

    Genesis: Hairless Heart & After the Ordeal

    King Crimson: I Talk to the Wind

    Steve Hackett: Shadow of the Hierophant

    John Hackett: Overnight snow & Galadriel's Memories

    Steve Hackett: Hands of the Priestess & Galadriel

    Pink Floyd: The Great Gig in the Sky

    ELP: Fanfare for the common man

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