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Thread: Under the surface of old city , Copenhagen....part II

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    Thumbs up Under the surface of old city , Copenhagen....part II

    Studio footage and a snippet from the "album in making" from Danish Heavy prog'sters TINKICKER...stay true...

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    greetinx, mr. Hi'watt's
    Tinkicker are slowy trying to get up from under the surface.. things are mowing in the right direction, and we need some daylight !
    Tor'bass- our new bassist... is great..and he is not "slap'ping" the bass , but he he can tap' dance... but he keeps his fingers and feed calm...
    check out his twin brunettes with their lovely bodies...

    and yes I did tried to get an endorsement from sir paul mccartney... but the sticker did'nt help..
    stay true..

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    I am sure you can dance to some of our music.. but it comes with a warning... as we are in the habit to change tempo's ect...
    so a mix between some moshing and cuddling is normal...we just hope that the audience will be touched some how.. and come again...
    country music ... that's a hard one... we do not have the same music legacy as your continent has... our ,here, it is the european pop Country that rules..
    and that is not some thing you would want to experience... the Country I have heard and liked was the Johnny Cash 'American recordings' and some Lynyrd Skynyrd
    actually one of our German friends , told us to make some thing in Danish... he thought it would be something special... but we would expect that it
    sounded like one of the evil creatures from Starswars or something... but maybe we would do it some day..
    sex drugs and rock'n'roll... it's more like: sox, biscuits and rock'n'roll...
    if the hair goes.. it is due to natural causes.. no it is not an issue.. we just like to make music and be creative creatures..
    do not snip' it...soon we can take you one more time ' down below' in our bunker for some more danc'ing..

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