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Thread: My Cover Music Video of 'Justin Timberlake- Mirrors'

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    Thumbs up My Cover Music Video of 'Justin Timberlake- Mirrors'

    Hey guys!

    I hope this ain't against the rules or something... this video IS NOT for commercial purpose

    So I collaborated with a few talented musician friends and made a cover music video of 'Justin Timberlake- Mirrors' (awesome song)

    I'm singing in the video and have also directed it...

    All your comments and feedback is crucial!

    If you like it please share it on your facebook profile and ask your friends to do the same. More views will encourage us for a better-bigger next cover video!

    So here it is- (In the video I'm the guy without spectacles)

    <span style="font-family: Helvetica Neue">

    My facebook profile-

    like! subscribe! share!


    P.S. This is not a professional level work. We are all amateurs. Sound is recorded and reproduced in a home studio setup. Video production is done with a Canon 550D and 600D in a friends bungalow(for people who dont understand camera's these are entry level DSLRs). This is our first attempt and your feedback, good or bad, is crucial to help us grow in the future.

    P.S.S I'm an Indian
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    Your feedback is crucial to my growth
    thanks so much guys

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    beautiful song and a beautiful arrangement. success

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