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Thread: National Cathedral Chapel Organ Defaced

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    National Cathedral Chapel Organ Defaced

    by green paint.

    Here's the full story

    Some demented person saw fit to do this defacing to the organ and other areas of a chapel there.

    Seems this same person also recently defaced the Lincoln Memorial as well.

    What is wrong with people ... the organ did nothing to harm this woman, nor did the Lincoln Memorial. I oft wonder what initiates these rampant acts of violence.

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    At least it seems the damage can be reversed. Unusual for a woman to engage in something like this, sad too. As for why, who knows, but we haven't 'walked in her shoes'.

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    I am grateful that is was the chapel organ and not the main instrument.Thanks to live webcast I go to church every Sunday there. God only knows what the reasons are at this point..not counting the weather many strange things are happening more and more....back to Revelations I guess.
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    Just found this thread. Vandalism is one act I find impossible to comprehend. What sort of mental sickness prompts these acts?

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    thankfully, the only thing needed here is some sort of cleansing solution for the pipes and woodwork (and some sandpaper for the wood), instead of partial de-soldering of pipes and putting 'em on mandrels or grafting in of broken pieces of wood.

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    Fortunate the damage wasn't worse. Everyone concerned must be relieved.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wljmrbill View Post
    I am grateful that is was the chapel organ and not the main instrument. ...
    Although apparently the cathedral authorities are probably about to discard this wonderful instrument, in favour of something newer. I got the impression that it was another 'Worcester Cathedral situation'. (In other words, 'the organ is worn out - it could not possibly be repaired economically - in any case, it does not produce the 'right' sounds; we shall just have to get an entirely new one....')

    I have never even been the the U.S., but I have a suspicion that, if the above are the reasons given, they would be dispelled quickly after about five minutes at the console * (with the wind switched on). Yes, it might need restoration and it might be costly - but I doubt that it could be as expensive as replacing everything: building frame, soundboards, wind system, under-actions, many ranks of pipes, a new console and associated transmission, etc.

    * I can testify personally that this was exactly the case at Worcester Cathedral, when I had the pleasure of playing the old H-J/H&H instrument for a visiting choir, in August, 2004. I found the 'parlous' state of the organ to be exaggerated greatly. Everything worked perfectly (apart from the Swell Gedeckt, 8ft.). The sound was beautiful, with a great variety of useful accompanimental stops. The tutti was both noble and thrilling - and seemed to me to fit this superb building like an old glove. Now, several years after the inauguration of the new organ, the cathedral musicians are still managing without any of the (three) full-length 32ft. Pedal stops (a Double Open Wood, a Contra Violone, of metal and a Trumpet, again of metal). For that matter, the basses of the 32ft. Diaphone (by Hope-Jones) are still in Scott's huge transept case, since Harrisons' men were unable to get them out without dismantling the case, in 1972.
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