Hi my name is Amir and I'm a cinematographer in Kansas City. I've just concluded my STAR WARS JEDI PARKOUR AND FREE-RUNNING video. I need someone to compose an original song for it that goes with the video. Song needs the feel of star wars and something along the lines of "Parkour creed" by Stephen Anderson. I cant pay, so if you must be paid, please don't reply. I know most people will be confused but I have something in return. I've just begun my youtube channel and I know how to publicize it. In the end of my video I will put "music by _____" and I will acknowledge them again in the description along with a link to their website, contact info, etc. I need this song soon so please contact me asap if your the person! It's an awesome video it just needs good music!

email: kczakeri25@yahoo.com