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Thread: Favourite Johann Strauss works

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    Favourite Johann Strauss works

    My favourite is the overture to his operetta, 'Die Fliedermaus,' (or The Bat.) I guess I could have posted that in the exciting music thread, because indeed it is!

    I also enjoy his polkas 'Unter Donner und Blitz' (Thunder and Lightning) and 'Tritsch-Tratsch' (Chit-chat.)

    For waltzes, there`s 'On the Beautiful Blue Danube,' 'Tales from the Vienna Woods,' 'Vienna Blood' (Wiener Blut) and the 'Emperor Waltz.'

    Which one/s do you like?
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    Personally I haven't heard enough of Strauss, but I know that he is full of Waltzes!

    I only really know him for his Blue Danube Waltz to me it is such a beautiful song. I remember hearing some of his Polkas that I saw performed on TV the one evening between Christmas and New Years last year.

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    For me it's either the Emporer Waltz or Die Fledermaus (the whole operetta). Everytime I listen to it, I think it's really funny. Also, I enjoy the operetta, Simplicius. (Good recording with Franz Welser-Moest).

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    Eljen a Magyar polka became one of my favourite works from the first moment i hear it and my favourite waltzes written by him are G'schichten Aus Dem Wienerwald(Tales from Vienna Woods),Kaiser(Emperor),Wiener Blut,Du und Du which uses the main melody of Fledermaus Overture and of course An Der Schönen Blauen Donau.I also like Unter Donner Und Blitz polka, Tritsch-Tratsch polka, Aufs Korn Marsch, Banditten Galopp and Liebesbotschaft Galopp very much.Well...I must say with this vast amount of works of him which i like i think i must admit he is one of my favourite composers

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    Obviously Die Fledermaus, which I saw a couple of weeks ago, is high in my conciousness at present; the sheer bubbliness of it wonderful. But my favourite of the waltzes is Rosen aus dem Suden; I love the slightly military sound – close your eyes and you can picture all those wonderful 19th-century uniforms on the dance floor.

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